Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Something thoughtful about a bike trip.

As said last blog entry was the last one, but blogging about things around is still bugging me :) Instead of sharing what I've learnt or new experiences, I would share some more personal thoughts.

These days I have lots of thoughts going on in my mind, since I started reading a book about life changing stories of different people. It stirred up my hidden feeling. I am asking myself, after going through this study and working abroad, did I change? Am I still the same ME as the cheerful and reckless girl when I left Hong Kong for Germany two years ago?  

I think not. I hope not. After travelling and living this "seasonal life" in three different countries - Germany, Africa and Switzerland, I started to learn I cannot always just count on the thrill of making new friends, trying new things and being adventurous to be the reason to keep me going on my day-to-day life, or to fulfill my inner needs, the deeper meaning of "existing"and of my life

Life is not the same, and it's not easy to go back to the same point. 

Which route to take?

I recall today I made a bike trip to a town 20 km away from Frick. Along the way I saw stunning scenery of late Autumn, the ground was covered with yellowish orange leaves. I took my film camera with me and made pictures of the landscape, trees and picturesque things. It's quite hilly all the way leading to Aarau, and I stopped for many times to take rest and lost my way once when I made a turn in a small village. The route became steeper and steeper and I knew it's not right, but I'm glad I could pick some wild apples one the way (a little treat for making those extra effort:))   

Heading back to the right track, after two hours riding I reached a hiking spot Berkenjork.I recalled my flatmate once told me if you hike up a bit, there is a lookout where you see the panorama of Aarau. So I made a detour, parked my bike and searched for this place called"Wasserflueh" for the stunning view. I walked and felling fine, though I felt a bit awkward as it was the first time to hike alone. After walking passed a winding trail, the road leads to nowhere, except I saw a TV tower up the hill and I knew it's the place I should head to. But, the thing was, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY! So I followed my intuitive logic and decided to climb up to the seemingly small hill as I was already at the foothill seeing the TV tower was not far above me. Again, I lost track and tripped myself over. Without finding the lookout, I headed back. FINE. 

Then I continued my road trip to Aarau and it was downhill all the way. Thrilled by the speedy ride and the beautiful old town of Aarau. I was thinking, RIGHT, I HAVE TO RIDE BACK THE SAME ROUTE, which means doing this painful uphill for at least an hour. I was so exhausted that I couldn't feel my legs anymore. Stupid thoughts started running in my mind, I feel frustrated to ride next to the highway when seeing cars driving 60km/h  passed-by and way ahead of me. I came back to the same village Kuetingen, and I saw there is another leading back to Frick. MAYBE ITS GOOD TO TRY ON A DIFFERENT ROUTE? Maybe it's even harder than the previous once, but at least I will see something different or have a better view. Without taking a second thought I took the new route. I enjoyed the ride so much without making some real painful uphill workouts. And I saw a much better view. I even reached Frick before the supermarket closed and got my weekend shopping done.

A simple story, a normal journey, but I learned something out of it: It's good to take risk and go for something you have not tried before. To step out of the routine and to breakthrough your comfort zone. The risk you take may lead you to something nice like a surprise (as I followed the new route back home). But sometimes it might not be easier (like I searched for the TV tower without any success). It may cost you time, effort and sometimes could be painful. But at least you've tried, that means you give yourself a chance to have a change, because you would never know what will come out next. And it's already a little step for you to reach out something by taking courage! And most of all, you may have new perspectives on doing stuff and find a way out of the routines. 

It's a painful lesson for me (well, physically my butt's still hurting), but I am think it is worth :)

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