Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver

Friday, 18 October 2013

good bye

Friday night, here am I, sitting alone in the dining room eating overcooked spaghetti mixed with leftover salad from today's lunch with a week- overdue cheese . It's my dinner.

Just came back from the wine cellar after spending half a day to harvest grapes, it's almost the second last week of harvesting, and winter is already ringing the bell at the door. Oh no..I hate snow and winter, no bike trips, no mountain trips, no....

sunshine and the country road scene from my office

Good bye? it comes nearly the end of my stay at FiBL. Talking about to stay or leave, it's something really on my mind these days and nights. The chance to stay is no clear yet, I would say 50/50. Another internship at Frick, in Ethiopia or in Kenya or in Ghana? Today I informed my boss before applying for a new internship at FiBL, which runs from next year in January for a year. Surprisingly, my boss told me that she's about to approach me and saying I should give it a try, and they might need me for their Asia projects. I didn't expect she would say such thing. She might want to keep me, but there's no new project for me at the mean time. I also talked with several colleagues, the feedback is - 'you don't lose nothing, just try'. 

Learn to commit, to a job, to a place, to a person, to relationships. To get grounded instead of having adventures all the time.

It's always easy to start with something just because of our curiosity and sense of excitement at the beginning. But to stick with it and work it out till the end is not so easy.

It's absolutely great if I can stay in Switzerland. I truly love being in a familiar surrounding,now, and not necessarily need to meet new friends and make new experiences all the time. I'm content with what I have now. Learning bee-keeping and wine brewery is another thing* It's a gift to know Salvador and Andi, they are the few people here to have real sharing with me and they are like my mate to take me as the way I am. Getting to know Cornelia and Beda the lovely couple was also a gift, though they are leaving for Argentina to start something new soon. Also, some other people who came across my life or for only short encounters - which are enough to make an impact in the rest of my life.

While I'm making plans for my next move, maybe God has already planed something for me? Out of my expectation? 

To pick yourself, not waiting to be picked. To make the first move, and take the chance. 

These are the things that I'am still getting on the way to learn. From day to day, from task to task. 

It's my last blog entry. I am going to blog for http://in.reset.org/ for sustainability topics in the coming time. Simply can't keep pace with writing thesis and 2 blogs at the same time.

where will I leave my foot print?

I really enjoy do this my own blog, to share my own thing. Truly free :)

To be continued...